As the summer months approach, so does the urge to take the party outside. Nothing makes an evening on the patio or deck more magical than lighting.

Faithfully filing in behind the new condos, loft spaces and modern apartments popping up in Los Angeles' revitalized downtown, a host of stylish interiors shops have arrived, ready to help their new neighbors outfit their digs.

The new structure was built on a narrow infill site in downtown Santa Monica.

The activity centers feature playful details such as trees that seem to sprout from the tables.

The colorful new building features a bold facade with graphic full-height windows and a center core of glass.

Sophie Azouaou, the Founder and President of SophiSticate Interiors , has been an interior designer for 16 years and has earned a list of credentials including a law degree with a minor in art.

With her international nonprofit, Emily Pilloton gets product design off the shelf and onto the streets.

The Enterprise Rose Fellowship teams emerging architects with community-based organizations in order create spaces—from homes to businesses to parks—that benefit the neighborhoods they are built in and the lives of people that use them.

From ground-up green buildings to rehabbed community rooms, architects and designers are enthusiastically embracing community-serving projects that hardily disprove the assumption that beautifully designed spaces are a luxury afforded only to the wealthy.

Can architecture help solve some of San Francisco’s most chronic problems? City officials and some local organizations think it can.


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